Cecilia Boschelli is an Argentinian-born wedding photographer based in Long Island, NY with proud Italian heritage, and a love for visual story-telling. Combining fine art photography & photo-journalism, Cecilia Boschelli has garnered a reputation for highly skilled, yet sensitive wedding imagery that expresses the unmitigated uniqueness in every couple’s celebration.

With an eye for natural portraiture, Cecilia Boschelli is an NYC wedding photographer that shoots with honesty, care, and a deep understanding of how important a photo album is. Growing up as part of a tight-knit Italian family in Argentina, Cecilia learned the true value and significance of relationships, and the blessings that shared love can bring. It’s partly what drove her to launch her career as an NYC wedding photographer over 16 years ago. And it is her values that have helped her to photograph over 700 couples across New York, Connecticut & New Jersey.

Drawing on her invaluable experience, Cecilia Boschelli is a flexible wedding photographer that can artfully blend those big celebratory moments, with candid shots that would have otherwise gone forgotten. Creating a photo album of images that leap off the page, and live long in the hearts of her clients.

Cecilia Boschelli values the personal touch in her work, above all else. Never undertaking a job without first building a relationship with a couple. Cecilia understands that unobtrusive wedding photography can only be achieved when both photographer and couple have trust in each other. The calming presence she possesses has become a hallmark of her on-the-day wedding photography, and it is something her couples cherish in her personality.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with her HERE and Cecilia will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding her photography services. In the meantime, we encourage you to have a browse of her real wedding portfolio and see if your styles align.