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Why You Shouldn't Skip Out on Family Wedding Pictures

As Long Island wedding photographers and videographers, we've seen many trends come and go. Many wedding traditions have gone by the wayside as modern couples try to make their Big Day their own. Think cupcakes instead of a three-tier buttercream cake, bridesmaids carrying rescue puppies instead of bouquets, and mixed-gender bridal parties. It’s also no longer considered “bad luck” to see your future spouse before the wedding — we've seen that "first looks" have become a popular way to get photos out of the way so you can actually enjoy the party you spent months planning. But as important as it is to enjoy the party, be wary of rushing through photos or, worse yet, skipping out on family photos. These three reasons will have you embracing the extra time snapping photographs with your loved ones, even if it means waiting a little longer to sip that signature cocktail.

Your Loved Ones Are All There

Weddings are one of the few times when entire families are together. People have months to save the date. This allows them to request time off from work and book flights, unlike birthday parties that are planned with less lead time or holidays, when they may be visiting with their significant other’s family. Those cousins you grew up with who now live in Texas and California? They’ll be there with one another, and it is a rare opportunity to get a picture with the two girls you once played tag with during family picnics.

Photos Last a Lifetime

Pictures are one of the few items you actually get to take home from your wedding, and they’ll serve as reminders of your day — and the people who were a part of it — forever. At the risk of sounding morbid, one day, your grandmother and favorite aunt may not be around anymore, but you will always have photos of them at your wedding. Should you have children, you’ll also be able to show them the images as you tell them about some of the most special people in your life who they never had the privilege of meeting.

Your Family May Want Them, Too!

Photos aren’t just for the couple — your parents, grandparents and friends may ask for prints or digital copies of photos, too! Though it’s your day, your way, remember that it’s a special moment in your guests’ lives to see you get married, too, and they may want something to keep for themselves. One fun idea: Put a favorite photo of each person in your thank you cards as an extra favor. Also, parent albums and collages make for sentimental (and easy!) Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and winter holiday gifts.

Still Worried About Timing?

You can get your pictures and enjoy your cocktail hour too. A good photographer will work with you on a shot list. Be sure to make notes of any must-have photos with family and friends. Warning, though: If you want to save time, don’t go overboard by requesting every adorably arranged portrait you see on Pinterest. Stick to telling the photographer the people you need a snap with and a few favorite poses, and let the pros take care of the rest. Also, consider doing the first look and having your VIPs come to the venue early. It’s definitely no longer taboo — some couples even stay together the night before their wedding.

This is definitely one timeless wedding trend, whether you live in Long Island or beyond.

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